Sunday, June 24, 2007

President Bush Did Not Veto Stem Cell Research

The absolute truth is that president Bush did Not veto stem cell research. Whether intentional or out of ignorance, people are being mislead. In fact the president along with almost 100% of the population of the United States supports and encourages scientific and medical research into the use of stem cells in medical treatments and cures. Today more than 70 therapies and treatments using stem cells and the stem cell research are already in use.

What the president vetoed was the cloning and killing of human life to produce embryo stem cells. You see absolute truth and accuracy matters! The truth is that the president, and most people who actually are informed and understand the stem cell issue, believe it is morally unacceptable to breed or clone human life to use as spare parts. The thing that makes the issue even more clear is the fact that embryo stem cells are well known to true scientists and medical researchers to offer no promise of any useful research. To date no treatments or cures have been derived from embryo stem cells, and because of their nature, there probably never will. One person put it like this: "We are more likely to derive cures and therapies from doing research on dirty towels in the next 500 years, than we are from embryo stem cells."

More than 70 useful treatments and therapies are in use today, and all of them were derived from what is called adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are harvested from bone marrow, umbilical cords and sources that do not require cloning human life, and do not require the destruction of human life. Adult stem cells promise treatments and cures; embryo stem cells do not.

The real issue is a moral one. President Bush is aware of the difference between Adult and embryo stem cells, but the real issue is that it is not acceptable to create and destroy human life, no matter how promising the research might be.

The absolute truth is President Bush vetoed the cloning and killing of human life to harvest a special kind of stem cells called embryo stem cells, which are of no use in medical research anyway. He did not veto all stem cell research, and like almost all of us he supports the ongoing and useful research using adult stem cells. Unfortunately the legislature is either uninformed on this issue, or some of them may be intentionally lieing to the public. Likewise the public news media could be intentionally misleading the people by saying the president vetoed stem cell research, or they also may just be ignorant and uninformed. We all have the responsibility to seek out the absolute truth, and be accurate in the information we present.
by John F. Hunter