Monday, November 12, 2007

Ballot Language Challenged

Cures Without Cloning is challenging the Missouri Secretary of State in court because the ballot title she certified for the Cures Without Cloning Initiative is inaccurate and misleading. "Journalists who disagree with us are even criticizing Robin Carnahan’s outrageous actions." Click Here to see actual ballot wording

Cures Without Cloning says "The Secretary of State has been willfully negligent in her duty to write a ballot summary that is “in the form of a question using language neither intentionally argumentative nor likely to create prejudice either for or against the proposed measure.” We believe her actions are so blatantly prejudicial the court will find the current title invalid and certify a fair and accurate ballot title. During litigation, we continue to train thousands of volunteer petition circulators across the state so we will be prepared to move quickly when the court decision is announced. Visit for more information. Cures Without Cloning, Steve Rupp Treasurer

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ethanol Fuels

Ethanol Fuels

America must reduce her dependence on foreign oil sources.
Regardless of what the future holds, Ethanol is readily available now. FFV or Flexible Fuel Vehicles are also readily available. 85% Ethanol in Columbia, Mo. is routinely $ .40 - $ .50 lower at the pump than the cost of 87 Octane Unleaded Regular. That means if Unleaded is $ 2.59 gallon, then E85 is only $2.09 a gallon. If you fill up at 30 gallons of E85, you put $ 15.00 Cash back in your wallet every time you fill up. If you get 10 gallons of E85, you put $ 5.00 cash back in your wallet! To find an E85 station, or see all of the E85 fueling locations nationwide, go to:

In Nebraska alone, ethanol production capacity already surpasses one billion gallons per year. With new Ethanol plants like the one at Ladonia, Mo. coming on line, and all of the major auto manufacturers doubling their production of Flexible Fuel Vehicles in 2007 alone, Ethanol is a good choice, not for the future, but right now!

Ethanol is environmentally friendly, and can be made from corn. It burns cleaner than petroleum fuels, and is produced right here in the USA. An vehicle must be specifically designed to run on E85, but you can buy them from any Auto dealer in America, if you specifically ask for a FFV. To choose a FFV that runs on E85 Click on link below, or go to
Daimler Chrysler
General Motors

E85 is a blend of Ethanol 85% and unleaded gasoline 15% . FFV's are formulated to adjust between any combination of ethanol and gasoline from pure unleaded to 85% ethanol, so you can fill up with either E85, or gasoline, or any combination, but what would happen if, instead of making flexible fuel engines, we built engines optimized to run only on pure E85? Click to see what Jay Leno's Garage has to say about the use of pure E85 Here


Campaign to Prohibit All Human Cloning
in Missouri Launched Today!

(Released August 22, 2007)

A coalition of concerned Missouri citizens, doctors, and academics today launched the "Cures Without Cloning" initiative to prohibit human cloning in Missouri. Dr. Lori Buffa, of St. Peters, Missouri, filed proposed ballot language with the Secretary of State's office this morning. (Received Wednesday August 22, 2007)

"The Missouri Constitution currently allows for human cloning. It allows for the same cloning method that created Dolly the Sheep," said Dr. Buffa, who serves as chair of CWC. "This initiative will ensure this dangerous, unproven, unnecessary practice is prohibited, and allow us to focus on safe research that leads to lifesaving cures and treatments."

The initiative would amend the Missouri Constitution to prohibit the practice of human cloning, and would prohibit taxpayer funding of human cloning experiments. {click here to read the initiative}.

Missourians Against Human Cloning and Concerned Women for America wholeheartedly support this short, straightforward, scientifically accurate amendment for the following reasons:

1. The Cures Without Cloning Initiative will close the cloning loophole that
currently exists in our Missouri Constitution.

2. The Cures Without Cloning Initiative will ensure that none of our tax dollars
can be spent on human cloning experiments.

3. The Cures Without Cloning Initiative will allow researchers in our state to
focus on the many avenues of ethical research that provide real cures and
treatments and real hope for those suffering from diseases.

The Initiative does NOT:
1. prohibit Stem Cell Research – this is not a stem cell issue, it is a human
cloning issue

2. stop the search for cures and treatments to alleviate suffering

3. repeal Amendment 2

I hope that each of you will join in supporting this important initiative. It is not enough to file an initiative. Once the ballot title is certified by the Secretary of State, all of us who support this initiative will need to circulate petitions and secure the signatures to place this important legislation before the voters in 2008.

Since this is a citizens’ initiative, we will need every citizen to participate! Trainings are being set up in every county regarding circulating the petitions for signatures. Signatures will be gathered in a variety of places: churches, neighborhoods, individuals contacting family and friends, etc. Volunteers will be able to participate in whatever venues they are most comfortable. Gathering signatures must be done according to the specifications of the Secretary of State, and must be done only by those who are registered to do so.

The goal is to collect at least 200,000 signatures with a volunteer effort. This will take all of us working together to spread the word across our state. Please sign up today to help with this important effort.

Warning! If, or when, challenged in court, Ammendment 2 will not hold up, because it's entire wording was not published in the newspapers of every county, as required by Missouri law on an intiative vote to ammend the constitution. Let Us not make that same mistake! Along with our grass roots push for a contitutional ammendment with teeth, let's make sure that local efforts include getting the complete wording of the ammendment published in as many local newspapers as possible.
Ammendment 2 can, and likely will eventually be stricken down, as it did not meet the requirements of a constitutional initiative!
I would like for this one to be a little more stable. When challenged about Ammendment 2, a judge would have to either strike down Ammendment 2, or rule that all of the other provisions of the Missouri Constitutions have no power or meaning either, as the Missouri Constitution requires that the full wording must be published in two newspapers in each county of the state to have a valid vote. The constitution specifies that the last time the entire wording appears in the local paper, it must be less than 15 days before the election to be a valid vote. READ THE CONSTITUTION at your public library. Make sure our initiative is valid and legal, so it can't be struck down so easily.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

President Bush Did Not Veto Stem Cell Research

The absolute truth is that president Bush did Not veto stem cell research. Whether intentional or out of ignorance, people are being mislead. In fact the president along with almost 100% of the population of the United States supports and encourages scientific and medical research into the use of stem cells in medical treatments and cures. Today more than 70 therapies and treatments using stem cells and the stem cell research are already in use.

What the president vetoed was the cloning and killing of human life to produce embryo stem cells. You see absolute truth and accuracy matters! The truth is that the president, and most people who actually are informed and understand the stem cell issue, believe it is morally unacceptable to breed or clone human life to use as spare parts. The thing that makes the issue even more clear is the fact that embryo stem cells are well known to true scientists and medical researchers to offer no promise of any useful research. To date no treatments or cures have been derived from embryo stem cells, and because of their nature, there probably never will. One person put it like this: "We are more likely to derive cures and therapies from doing research on dirty towels in the next 500 years, than we are from embryo stem cells."

More than 70 useful treatments and therapies are in use today, and all of them were derived from what is called adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are harvested from bone marrow, umbilical cords and sources that do not require cloning human life, and do not require the destruction of human life. Adult stem cells promise treatments and cures; embryo stem cells do not.

The real issue is a moral one. President Bush is aware of the difference between Adult and embryo stem cells, but the real issue is that it is not acceptable to create and destroy human life, no matter how promising the research might be.

The absolute truth is President Bush vetoed the cloning and killing of human life to harvest a special kind of stem cells called embryo stem cells, which are of no use in medical research anyway. He did not veto all stem cell research, and like almost all of us he supports the ongoing and useful research using adult stem cells. Unfortunately the legislature is either uninformed on this issue, or some of them may be intentionally lieing to the public. Likewise the public news media could be intentionally misleading the people by saying the president vetoed stem cell research, or they also may just be ignorant and uninformed. We all have the responsibility to seek out the absolute truth, and be accurate in the information we present.
by John F. Hunter

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Community Peace Forum

Community Peace Forum
You may wish to get copies of the Community Peace Forum to present at your church, club, or group:

DVD videos are now ready. Send your request for a copy to or write to Peace Forum, c/o John Hunter Box 306 Auxvasse, MO 65231. Be sure to leave your mailing address and contact information. An E-mail address is the best way to contact us.

In case you were not there, Community Peace Forum is an exploration of the
possibilities for peace in our world today. A Christian theologian, an Islamic
Scholar, a U.S. military Chaplain, and a Quaker inspirational speaker explore
various and often conflicting views of peace in our world , especially the
Middle East and Iraq, from the view of faith communities, morality, and
ethics. Instead of a political or military strategy format, Community Peace
forum asks the question what is the right thing to do, and why?

Presenting more questions than answers, this is an opportunity to hear and
explore every one's ideas about peace.

The DVD is a very involved two hour provocative presentation of several opposing views of how to approach peace from a moral and religious point of view.

If we are ever able to provide an edited one hour highlights version, without ruining the flavor and content, we will post the information right here. You may wish to get the full two hour DVD, and edit yourself to fit your church or organization's one hour time limit. After watching the entire presentation, you may wish to plan a special two hour program, so you don't lose the integrity of the forum.

At this time, printed transcripts and sound CD's are not available. If these become available in the future, you will find all of the information right here on will be posted on this site. We have not charged for the copies yet, but if the demand grows, we will have to start recovering the costs in the future.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Supreme Court

Purpose of Supreme Court:
The only legitimate purposes of any government is to...

1. To protect the people.

2. To provide services to the people only when additional resources are

The Supreme Court is the final decision making body for national disputes that cannot be decided by local, state, or federal courts, and are of sufficient importance to warrant the use of the Supreme Court's limited time and resources. Obviously the Supreme Court's ruling should be a last resort, because it would be impossible for them to decide all of the hundreds of thousands of disputes and debates throughout the nation. Some very interesting issues may have to be returned to lower courts or state courts, either because of appropriate jurisdictions, or because the Supreme Court's resources are needed for other more vital and more urgent issues.

Supreme Court must be Impartial:
To make just, fair, unbiased, and impartial rulings and judgements, the Supreme Court must be wise, experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate. The members of the Supreme Court must be carefully chosen, well qualified, have unquestionable judgement, and be free from political and economic influence or coersion.
Any attempt to lobby or influence a judge should be limited to the presentation of evidence and statutes of law partaining to the individual case. This evidence and legal arguments should be presented according to set legal proceedures during the proceedings. All other attempts to influence a judge should be grounds for severe punishment as a crime against the safety and freedoms of the people. Any judge who accepts bribes, money, material items or any other incentives, of his/her own free will, in exchange for favorable consideration of a judgement, past current or future, should be dismissed by impeachment procedings, and tried for treason against the safety and security of the nation.
Perhaps to avoid political influence, and avoid sympathetic bias by other judges and lawyers, such a trial could be possibly be by a jury of randomly selected U.S. Citizens paying taxes to the IRS, and should include only one jurer from each of 12 states, also chosen randomly by impartial lottery standards. Jurer's travel, lodging, and food expenses should be covered by federal funding of the U.S. government.

Law Makers Control The Court:
Have you ever been unhappy with a court ruling? Have you nactually been angered, or feel a ruling was unfair or biased? Who is to blame? The judges must follow the law. No judge is allowed to make a ruling based on his/her own personal beliefs, or ideas! The judgements they are allowed to make, or are not allowed to make, are controlled by law. If you don't like a ruling of the court, blame the LAW MAKERS. Judges are allowed to interpret, and enforce existing law. They are not allowed to make new law, nor to just do what they think is right. A judges own personal or religious beliefs must not influence the legal rulings.
The laws are made by the representatives of the citizens. Elected Senators, and elected representatives make up the legislators. These are the law makers. After debating the good and bad points of a law, the State legislators present a new law to the governor, and the National legislators presentg new laws to the country's President. The Governor, or the President can sign the new laws into law, or veto the law. If a new law is vetoed, it will not become law, unless the legislators vote to overpower the governor or president, which is fairly rare.
What judges can and cannot do is controled by two laws:
1. The State or National Constitution.
2. The Federal or State Laws enacted by the legislature.
If a case falls under State law, the national Supreme Court will not rule on the case, but send it back to the state.

What Can You Do?
FIRST If you think a ruling was unfair or unjust, the case can be appealed if there is good reason, but once the Supreme Court has given a final ruling, it cannot be appealed any further.

SECOND You can contact your elected State and Federal Representatives and Senators to request they support a change in the law that will controll the fair and lawful ruling that the judges can make in the future. Don't blame the judges. Their hands are controled by the laws that law makers make. Law makers are the duely elected representatives of the people. (Senators in the Senate and Representatives in nthe House of Representatives)
To find out who your representatives are, and the address to write to, go to your local City, State, Regional, or School library.

Monday, February 5, 2007

U.S. in IRAQ

Should the U.S. be in Iraq? There are more questions than answers about the role of the U.S. in Iraq. Make your voice heard. Leave your comments below. How and Why did the U.S. get involved in Iraq, and now that we are, what should we do?

We certainly do not need the oil! If there is any Absolute Truth, this is it. The proof is in Brazil. Because they are not encumbered by the slow wheels of democracy and the safeguards of political debate, the dictator was able to impose instant and absolute law. For at least the last twenty years Brazil has outlawed the production of gasoline engine cars! So now almost all cars in Brazil run on alcohol made from sugar cane. Guess who is manufacturing these alcohol engine cars? U.S. and German based Auto manufactures Ford, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen have been producing these alcohol autos in Brazil for many years, and can do it here. Even now Ethanol plants in the U.S. are producing a product which is readily available in many cities 85% Ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline called E85 (Ethanol 85%) run just as well as gasoline cars, and every major manufacturer in the U.S. has built thousands of these cars and trucks. In Columbia, Missouri, there is E85 for sale on almost every tenth street corner. Break Time convenience stores in Columbia, Mo. are selling E85 at .40 cents below the unleaded regular in the pump next to it. They have a steady stream of customers, as people are learning to ask auto dealers for cars and trucks that run on E85. The sooner we realize we don't need the foreign oil, the better off we will be.

Peace in Iraq requires Economic development. Our most pressing need in Iraq is for people and families to have jobs, industry, income, commerce, and food. Perhaps the most important role for U.S. military forces in Iraq is to provide security for the factories and commerce to be built.

Infrastructure is vital to Iraq. There can be no peace until Families can get on with their lives, and the required industry and commerce to provide jobs, food, and income must have safe roads and highways, electricity, clean safe water, and food markets. Without communications, a family cannot call the police for help, and know that help is on the way. Public information in the form of radio and Television will be important for people to be informed and participate in their industry and government.

Right Now Food is needed in Iraq. Until the needed infrastructure and industry can be rebuilt, which had better show some very impressive progress really fast, there is the need for massive airlifting of food and humanitarian aid. Those who provide this food and care bundles in huge numbers most rapidly will gain much respect, and the right to have their message heard, whether it is the U.S. military, or Church organizations.

What Do You Think?

Please Leave your comments. Your Voice should be heard, and we need to know what you think! Perhaps in our analysis of one of our posted subjects, we may have missed a piece of vital evidence . Feel free to ask questions, or give your view point.

Just click on the Comment line at the bottom of any of our posts to leave your comments for others to see. Tell us what you really think. We are seeking the Absolute Truth on every subject.

You May Have The Piece We Are Missing! Often the truth is put together like a jigsaw puzzle, one piece of evidence at a time. Not everyone has all the pieces. You may have the vital piece of evidence we need to see the big picture.
John F. Hunter

Saturday, January 13, 2007


PROTECT AND SERVE: The only legitimate purpose for a government to exist is to PROTECT and SERVE the people. No governing city, state, or Nation has the right to exist for the purpose of controlling the people, making a monetary profit for the ruling few, or to serve and make the king rich. Some countries use government to promote one class or race of people above another, or to keep the people under control. Some political figures seek only to gain power or money for themselves, without regard for the people in their area of control.

PROTECT: The first job of government is to protect all of it's people, not just some of the people. No government has any business serving, until all people are protected. People need to be protected from violence, poverty, economic ruin, hunger, natural disasters, military invasion, and exploitation. No government agency has any business wasting resources on anything else until people are safe! How is our government doing?

SERVE: Only when all of the people are safe, should a government agency invest any of it's resources in serving the people. Building parks is a wonderful service to the people, but only if the people have food to eat. Building Art museums is a wonderful service for the people, but not if the people are being murdered and raped! How is your government doing? Click on comments below, and leave your own comments.

Friday, January 12, 2007


PURPOSE: There is a reason for everything, and everything has a cause. What can we trust? Do we know the reason for everything? Yet, we know there is one. Some things we don't know, but some things we are absolutely sure of. We don't always know why people do or say the things they do, and we don't always know what their motives are, but the purpose of this site is to explore and find the absolute truth!

ABSOLUTE TRUTH: Many things are not absolute. We cannot with a certainty say that Apple pie is better than pumpkin pie, because that is a matter of personal choice and opinion. We can however prove with a certainty which one is lower in carbohydrates, if we analyze the ingredients. What I know for sure is that if your motives, religious beliefs, and political decisions are based on absolute truths, you never have to fear exploration, questions, or investigation. Truth is absolute, and will always vindicate itself. You may wish to have a voice on an important issue. You may have questions. Together, we will explore the evidence and see if we can find the absolute truth. One of the purposes of this site is replace false information, or emotional ideas, with absolute truth. In some cases we may find that faith in what is truth may have to be used, as all absolute truth cannot be proven with currently available technology.