Thursday, April 19, 2007

Community Peace Forum

Community Peace Forum
You may wish to get copies of the Community Peace Forum to present at your church, club, or group:

DVD videos are now ready. Send your request for a copy to or write to Peace Forum, c/o John Hunter Box 306 Auxvasse, MO 65231. Be sure to leave your mailing address and contact information. An E-mail address is the best way to contact us.

In case you were not there, Community Peace Forum is an exploration of the
possibilities for peace in our world today. A Christian theologian, an Islamic
Scholar, a U.S. military Chaplain, and a Quaker inspirational speaker explore
various and often conflicting views of peace in our world , especially the
Middle East and Iraq, from the view of faith communities, morality, and
ethics. Instead of a political or military strategy format, Community Peace
forum asks the question what is the right thing to do, and why?

Presenting more questions than answers, this is an opportunity to hear and
explore every one's ideas about peace.

The DVD is a very involved two hour provocative presentation of several opposing views of how to approach peace from a moral and religious point of view.

If we are ever able to provide an edited one hour highlights version, without ruining the flavor and content, we will post the information right here. You may wish to get the full two hour DVD, and edit yourself to fit your church or organization's one hour time limit. After watching the entire presentation, you may wish to plan a special two hour program, so you don't lose the integrity of the forum.

At this time, printed transcripts and sound CD's are not available. If these become available in the future, you will find all of the information right here on will be posted on this site. We have not charged for the copies yet, but if the demand grows, we will have to start recovering the costs in the future.