Monday, February 5, 2007

U.S. in IRAQ

Should the U.S. be in Iraq? There are more questions than answers about the role of the U.S. in Iraq. Make your voice heard. Leave your comments below. How and Why did the U.S. get involved in Iraq, and now that we are, what should we do?

We certainly do not need the oil! If there is any Absolute Truth, this is it. The proof is in Brazil. Because they are not encumbered by the slow wheels of democracy and the safeguards of political debate, the dictator was able to impose instant and absolute law. For at least the last twenty years Brazil has outlawed the production of gasoline engine cars! So now almost all cars in Brazil run on alcohol made from sugar cane. Guess who is manufacturing these alcohol engine cars? U.S. and German based Auto manufactures Ford, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen have been producing these alcohol autos in Brazil for many years, and can do it here. Even now Ethanol plants in the U.S. are producing a product which is readily available in many cities 85% Ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline called E85 (Ethanol 85%) run just as well as gasoline cars, and every major manufacturer in the U.S. has built thousands of these cars and trucks. In Columbia, Missouri, there is E85 for sale on almost every tenth street corner. Break Time convenience stores in Columbia, Mo. are selling E85 at .40 cents below the unleaded regular in the pump next to it. They have a steady stream of customers, as people are learning to ask auto dealers for cars and trucks that run on E85. The sooner we realize we don't need the foreign oil, the better off we will be.

Peace in Iraq requires Economic development. Our most pressing need in Iraq is for people and families to have jobs, industry, income, commerce, and food. Perhaps the most important role for U.S. military forces in Iraq is to provide security for the factories and commerce to be built.

Infrastructure is vital to Iraq. There can be no peace until Families can get on with their lives, and the required industry and commerce to provide jobs, food, and income must have safe roads and highways, electricity, clean safe water, and food markets. Without communications, a family cannot call the police for help, and know that help is on the way. Public information in the form of radio and Television will be important for people to be informed and participate in their industry and government.

Right Now Food is needed in Iraq. Until the needed infrastructure and industry can be rebuilt, which had better show some very impressive progress really fast, there is the need for massive airlifting of food and humanitarian aid. Those who provide this food and care bundles in huge numbers most rapidly will gain much respect, and the right to have their message heard, whether it is the U.S. military, or Church organizations.

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