Monday, August 2, 2010


The Economy

Some things we know for certain are the Absolute Truth about the Economy, and not just someone's Opinion:

1 If you Tax something, you suppress it.

2 If the Government Runs something, it is far less efficient!

3 It takes money to run a business and hire employees.

4 Taxes take away the jobs, and the money needed to pay employees.

5 Taxes take away profits needed to grow businesses

6 Taxes force many businesses to close, putting people out of work

7 Taxes Violently suppress the Economy and reduce revenues to Governmrnt

8 Taxes severely reduce the money needed for people and businesses to buy goods and services

9 Reducing Taxes has ALWAYS boosted the Economy and Jobs

10 A reduction of All Eaxes by 10% across the board causes a Drastic increase in Federal and
State revenues within two years!

11 We know for Certain how to fix the problem, but politics stand in the way

12 High Taxes and High Fuel & Energy costs caused the worldwide Economic Crisis.

13 If we do not VOTE carefully, We will make the problem worse, instead of better

14 People running for Office most certainly do LIE in their Adds, no matter how good they

15 Government has only ONE LEGITIMATE JOB,... That is to protect the People! That is All!

16 All taxes are taken by force, from those who worked for it, and earned it!

17 Tax money blongs to the people it came from, Not the government.

18 "Redistributing the Wealth" Means takeing money from those who earned it, and those who create Jobs and giving it to those who did not work for it, and do not create jobs.

19 Corporations and Businesses Create Jobs, Not people on welfare, and certainly not government programs!

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