Saturday, January 13, 2007


PROTECT AND SERVE: The only legitimate purpose for a government to exist is to PROTECT and SERVE the people. No governing city, state, or Nation has the right to exist for the purpose of controlling the people, making a monetary profit for the ruling few, or to serve and make the king rich. Some countries use government to promote one class or race of people above another, or to keep the people under control. Some political figures seek only to gain power or money for themselves, without regard for the people in their area of control.

PROTECT: The first job of government is to protect all of it's people, not just some of the people. No government has any business serving, until all people are protected. People need to be protected from violence, poverty, economic ruin, hunger, natural disasters, military invasion, and exploitation. No government agency has any business wasting resources on anything else until people are safe! How is our government doing?

SERVE: Only when all of the people are safe, should a government agency invest any of it's resources in serving the people. Building parks is a wonderful service to the people, but only if the people have food to eat. Building Art museums is a wonderful service for the people, but not if the people are being murdered and raped! How is your government doing? Click on comments below, and leave your own comments.