Friday, August 24, 2007

Ethanol Fuels

Ethanol Fuels

America must reduce her dependence on foreign oil sources.
Regardless of what the future holds, Ethanol is readily available now. FFV or Flexible Fuel Vehicles are also readily available. 85% Ethanol in Columbia, Mo. is routinely $ .40 - $ .50 lower at the pump than the cost of 87 Octane Unleaded Regular. That means if Unleaded is $ 2.59 gallon, then E85 is only $2.09 a gallon. If you fill up at 30 gallons of E85, you put $ 15.00 Cash back in your wallet every time you fill up. If you get 10 gallons of E85, you put $ 5.00 cash back in your wallet! To find an E85 station, or see all of the E85 fueling locations nationwide, go to:

In Nebraska alone, ethanol production capacity already surpasses one billion gallons per year. With new Ethanol plants like the one at Ladonia, Mo. coming on line, and all of the major auto manufacturers doubling their production of Flexible Fuel Vehicles in 2007 alone, Ethanol is a good choice, not for the future, but right now!

Ethanol is environmentally friendly, and can be made from corn. It burns cleaner than petroleum fuels, and is produced right here in the USA. An vehicle must be specifically designed to run on E85, but you can buy them from any Auto dealer in America, if you specifically ask for a FFV. To choose a FFV that runs on E85 Click on link below, or go to
Daimler Chrysler
General Motors

E85 is a blend of Ethanol 85% and unleaded gasoline 15% . FFV's are formulated to adjust between any combination of ethanol and gasoline from pure unleaded to 85% ethanol, so you can fill up with either E85, or gasoline, or any combination, but what would happen if, instead of making flexible fuel engines, we built engines optimized to run only on pure E85? Click to see what Jay Leno's Garage has to say about the use of pure E85 Here

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